Evansville, IN Photo Album

John Blair, president of Valley Watch, is an internationally known photographer who won the Pulitzer Prize for News Photography in 1978. The Ohio River has held a visual fascination since shortly after he arrived in Evansville in 1974. He can be reached at:
Contact: John Blair. THESE PICTURES ARE ALL © BlairPhotoEVV. please respect.

Aerials provide different perspective

Evansville is an old time “river city” nestled in the southwestern pocket of Indiana.

Evansville’s downtown and riverfront is a mixture of old and new. Photo © 2006 John Blair

Evansville’s Riverfront sports new buildings and a new commons called Dress Plaza. ©2006 John Blair

From nearly every angle, Evansville has a beautiful riverfront

© 2007 John Blair

Evansville’s “skyline” shines brightly one summer night. © 2006 John Blair

Evansville’s riverfront on on a clear day in September. Photo © 2006 John Blair

Evansville through rose colored glasses. ©2006 John Blair

Evansville, Indiana Waterfront. © 2006 John Blair

Evansville’s Inland Marina at night taken from the “Pump Out” island which serves as one of the greatest party venues on the entire Ohio River. The Corps of Engineers builds the island when it dredges sand from the channel to allow sufficient depth for commercial navigation. © 2006 John Blair

Island takes shape

Many summers the US Army Corps of Engineers  has the bend in the Ohio River dredged so that commercial traffic does not get stuck as water levels get lower in late summer. The result is a sandy island that is enjoyed by pleasure boaters the rest of the boating season. Photo © 2007 John Blair. This photo was shot with a Pentax pocket camera using it highest sensitivity, 1600 ISO. Pentax makes a series of waterproof pocket cameras that are ideal for uses like this.

LST calls Evansville “home.”

LST 325 arrives in Evansville in October 2005. Hundreds of LST’s were produced in Evansville during WW2. ©2006 John Blair

Short days, colorful sunsets

November 13, 2006 – As days shrink in length and the sun moves further south, sunsets along the Ohio River change their appearance. No longer obstructed by leaves, trees strike a pretty silhouette against a colorful sky. Photo © 2006 John Blair

Evansville has one of the most beautiful river fronts in the United States

Evansville, Indiana sits on a horseshoe bend in the Ohio River at River mile 791. The City has spent more than $10 million in recent years improving its waterfront which sports several new buildings including the corporate headquarters of a financial institution and a public utility. Photo© 2007 John Blair.

LST 325 dominates part of the Evansville waterfront.

The LST, or Landing Ship Tank that transported soldiers to Europe during World War 2 is similar to those built in Evansville throughout the war. The LST 325 was found in Greece and brought back to the US to commemorate the valiant struggles that the men who rode their way to war on the ships. It has become a major tourist attraction for both vets of WW2 as well as historians. Photo © 2011 John Blair





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