11 Nature Photo Album

Here are some random pictures shot this year in the Valley Watch garden. Enjoy!

Henbit is one of the first things to bloom. © 2011 John Blair

Tulips help the transition of winter to spring. Photo © 2011 John Blair

Tulips, inside and out. Photo g 2011 John Blair

Blue Bells shot using bright light at night. Photo © 2011 John Blair

Even worker bees deserve a little fun in the midst of all that work. Photo © 2011 John Blair

Dandelions are a marvelous "weed." Photo© 2011 John Blair

Dragon Flies are among the most elusive to shoot since they are so quick and can move in so many directions. Photo © 2011 John Blair

Bumble Bees just love the cone flowers. Photo © 2011 John Blair

Green Bees with chart shaped eyes also enjoy cone flowers. Photo © 2011 John Blair

It seems that cone flowers are the center of attention for most of the flying insects in the garden this year. Photo © 2011 John Blair

Sometimes nature seems a bit cruel but...Photo © 2011 John Blair


Not exactly sure just what this thing is. Photo © 2011 John Blair


A funnel cloud descends on Inland Marina in Evansville, IN on June 11, 2011. The winds threw around the patio furniture at the Marina Pavillion but otherwise went pretty much unnoticed both from my perspective on the River as well as in town. Photo © 2011 John Blair

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