12 Nature Photo Album

Most of the pictures on this page were shot with a Pentax WG-1 water proof and shock proof camera. Today’s digital pocket cameras are a wonder to use and have opened new frontiers for photographers around the world.

This little critter showed up on Ground Hog Day, way before it was supposed to. The mild winter is expected to result in a summer of insects. Photo © 2012 John Blair

February 7, 2012. Crocus are a sure sign that Spring is just around the corner. Photo ©2012 John Blair

February 12, 2012- More crocus show up to herald the birth of an early Spring. Photo © 2012 John Blair

Hyacinths are a welcome contrast to the brown of Winter. Photo © 2012 John Blair

This Grape Hyacinth was transplanted planted from across the street last year and shines bright on an early Spring morn. Photo © 2012 John Blair

March 10, 2012 - Willow trees leafed out early this year like this one at Burdette Park. Photo © 2012 John Blair

Henbit is a weed but so what, it is still beautiful. Photo © 2012 John Blair

Honey bees have been rare in 2012 but this hardy bee found some pollen on the Ides of March. Photo © 2012 John Blair


Ah, the wonders of nature...Photo © 2012 John Blair

Garvin Park, Evansville's premier park was alive with kids and wildflowers on St. Patrick's Day. Photo © 2012 John Blair

A dry Spring really limited the splendor of tulips this year in the Valley Watch garden but this one did present a nice appearance in March. Photo © 2012 John Blair

Just a little rain and things get brighter. Photo © 2012 John Blair

Dogwood blooms are always a rush. Photo © 2012 John Blair

A few tulips were really impressive but a lack of rain impeded their glory and when the rain did come, it made them drop the petals. Photo © 2012 John Blair

Honey Bees have been few and far between this year. but this one was friendly enough to photograph. Photo © 2012 John Blair

The last tulip standing was still a wonderful burst of color. Photo © 2012 John Blair

April 17, 2012 - Two roosters appeared in Garvin Park this morning Unsure how they got there and unsure of their fate. Photo© 2012 John Blair

What I believe will become a full fledged garden spider finds its start on one of the blooming flowers n the garden. Photo © 2012 John Blair

Not sure if this is a mosquito or some kind of bee but it really liked my leg. Photo © 2012 John Blair

No longer transparent, this garden spider is rapidly maturing and will soon be luring other insects to it web. Photo © 2012 John Blair

There seem to be lots of variety of lady Bugs this year. Photo © 2012 John Blair

I suppose this is some kind of moth instead of a butterfly but it is sure a pretty thing to behold with its green eyes. Photo © 2012 John Blair

There are so many species of bees it is hard to keep up. this one is enjoying a Bachelor Button's pollen. Photo © 2012 John Blair

Green Bees just make me feel good. They usually show up in May. Photo © 2012 John Blair

The first bloom of the daisy variety showed up in the gutter in front of the office as a volunteer. I tend to let the gutter flowers live. Photo © 2012 John Blair


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