16 Nature Photo Album

Here is a selection of colorful and interesting photos of nature that we have shot in 2016.


While not exactly natural, this picture was shot in late 2015 and shows an interesting abstract from the air.  2016 BlairPhotoEVV


Also shot in relatively late 2015, I found it interesting that this one legged grasshopper had survived so late in the year. © 2016 BlairPhotoEVV


Living on a beautiful park, like Evansville’s Garvin Park, has real advantages in the Winter like a constant barrage of wildlife. This Cardinal enjoyed the Winter weather. © 2016 BlairPhotoEVV


Of course you have seen crocus on this page before but they really are beautiful little flowers that always remind us that Spring is just around the corner. © 2016 BlairPhotoEVV


This dove takes flight seeming to avoid camera exposure. © 2016 BlairPhotoEVV


Hyacinths and hen bit after a rain.  © 2016 BlairPhotoEVV



Unsure just what this little insect is. But it seemed to like being on this white hyacinth. © 2016 BlairPhotoEVV



Hyacinths take on a patriotic appearance with their colors during  short blooming period in the early Spring. © 2016 BlairPhotoEVV

Ah! Spring on Herndon Drive. © 2016 BlairPhotoEVV


An Asiatic Dayflower takes on a kind of animal look on close up view. © 2016 BlairPhotoEVV


A Katydid with very long antennae feasts on a spring bloom. © 2016 BlairPhotoEVV


A leaf unfolds on a common weed. © 2016 BlairPhotoEVV

imgp0567-webA tiny Fruit Fly inspects a half eaten leaf. © 2016 BlairPhotoEVV


Daytime sex for nighttime bugs. Two lighting bugs copulate on a Cone Flower. © 2016 BlairPhotoEVV

This giant mushroom appeared in my yard. It was abstractly beautiful. © 2016 BlairPhotoEVV


This was a tiny wildflower on a small weed. But the bloom was just a wonderful shade of red. © 2016 BlairPhotoEVV

This Morning Glory was attached to A strand of Pampus Grass at the Valley Watch office. © 2016 BlairPhotoEVV

I call this my IU Mum. Just ignore the Purdue colored bug that is trying to eat it. © 2016 BlairPhotoEVV