Coal to Synfuels Primer

Presentations regarding the conversion of coal to liquid and gaseous fuels

Presentations and research papers from academics, think tanks and activists available for download.
1. Presentation by Valley Watch president, John Blair, regarding the proposed Indiana Gasification plant slated for Rockport, IN. For the time being, the plant has fallen on tough times since Vectren and NiSource, two Indiana gas utilities have balked on being forced into long term contracts in an uncertain financial and carbon environment.

2. Another presentation by John Blair to a Coal to Liquids conference in Covington, KY in December 08. Blair discusses the key findings of a study by the Rand Corp. which revealed big uncertainties in finance and carbon.

3. A presentation by Dr. Rodney Andrews, Director of the University of Kentucky’s Center for Advanced Energy Research regarding the “economics” liquid coal and gasification. First presented at the Sierra Club conference in Covington.

4. Another presentation by Dr. Andrews at the same conference on the costs and prospects of “carbon capture and sequestration” (CCS) in the midwest.

5. A technical primer on how coal is liquefied and gasified presented by Dr. John Neathery, program manager for UK’s CAER.

6. A look into the waste streams of liquefaction and gasification presented by Dr. Jack Groppo, also on the faculty of CAER.

1. John Blair discusses the IN Gasification facility