13 Nature Photo Album

Here is an offering of photos of nature, mostly in the yards of the Valley Watch office and my home near Garvin Park.

2013 Dogwood

Dogwood blooms shot with my new and exciting lens, a 30mm F 1.4 Sigma. © 2013 John Blair

Iris 1

















Irises are intricate and beautiful up close. © 2013 John Blair

SPider and drops

Azaleas attract raindrops and spiders. © 2013 John Blair

Tulip Abstract

















Tulips are always colorful and interesting when shot with a “macro” lens. © 2013 John Blair

Red Weed

















Even what most people consider “weeds” present a modicum of beauty if one looks close enough. © 2013 John Blair

IMGP3666 web

Emergence. A white roach emerges from its black shell. © 2013 John Blair

My street web




















IMGP3423 web












Two pix from the street I live on. I am, indeed a lucky man since there is pride in my neighborhood. © 2013 John Blair


Hollyhocks are like weeds but have delicate flowers. © 2013 John Blair

P1020359 web
















A small yellowish white butterfly has been around for several days in June. © 2013 John Blair



















A stick bug wanders over an “evening primrose.” © 2013 John Blair

Green Heron

A Green Heron or two show up at Evansville’s Inland Marina nearly every year in the early fall almost as if to remind boaters it is time to start thinking about winterizing their boats. Great Blue Herons are a regular feature of the Marina. Both species are fishers. © 2013 John Blair.

Little butterfly & clematis

A tiny bluish grey butterfly checks out the recently blooming clematis at the Valley Watch Office. © 2013 John Blair.

Orb Weaver close

An Orb Weaver spider seeks to hide in the clematis that recently bloomed in the garden. © 2013 John Blair.

P1040783 au 1

A trip through Audubon Park  in Henderson, KY on a beautiful Autumn Day. © 2013 BlairPhotoEVV

P1040802 au 3

© 2013 BlairPhotoEVV

P1040809 au 2

© 2013 BlairPhotoEVV

P1040847 bug nik

Two different species of Lady Bug enjoy the same wilting plant to stock up for winter. © 2013 BlairPhotoEVV


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