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Herons are common Tri State sight

January 22, 2010, By John Blair, valleyewatch.net editor. As a wider variety of fish have reappeared in the Ohio River and its regional environs, Great Blue herons have made a real comeback and can now be found nearly anywhere that fish are found. Photo © 2010, John Blair
Great Blue Herons are a treat to watch fish in shallow waters of creeks, lakes borrow pits and rivers.

In the past two decades Herons have made a tremendous comeback from a time when they were rarely seen in this region to being the most common of the big birds of the area.

In this picture, there are three types of birds. White gulls, which are a transient feature and found mostly during the winter months in the Evansville area and of course, Mallard ducks which are also transient in nature but are easily seen anywhere there is water in the Tri State year around.
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Sunbursts-A Mother’s Day gift.

May 9, 2010-My mother once told me that sunbursts are “a sign from God that things are going to be alright.” Happy Mothers Day, to all of you who have sacrificed so much. Photo © 2010 John Blair.

Colorful Spring