Spring is just around the proverbial corner.

Photo © 2011 John Blair

February 16, 2011- by John Blair, valleywatch.net editor.

Walked out of the house this morning and saw some lilac buds anticipating the coming warmth. Then I heard on the radio that temps were to reach into the mid 60s today and tomorrow. It was almost as if I had just gotten a shot in the arm of a wonder drug.

Swept away were the doldrums of gray skies and chills, replaced  by sunshine and hope.

When I got to the Valley Watch office, I quickly surveyed the garden area that serves as our front yard, looking for emerging tulips or daffodils that I thought might push through the moist, warm soil, recently frozen and barren.

Somewhat disappointed, I inspected the whole frontage and there it was, the first real sign of spring, a single yellow crocus hidden beneath some dead leaves, barely visible to my observing eyes.

I brushed away the dull brown leaves to reveal a beautiful tiny flower, similar to others I had seen in the past but special because of its message of renewal and change. I knew I have made it through another winter and that soon the world would be full of color, greens, reds, blues and even more crocuses as we transitioned from bleak to excited.

I hope you enjoy this little flower as much as I did.

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