Fall X Four

November 9, 2013-by John Blair, valleywatch.net editor

A trip through Audubon State Park on a beautiful Autumn day. All photos © 2013 BlairPhotoEVV.

P1040783 au 1© 2013 BlairPhotoEVV

P1040800 au 4

A funky self portrait. © 2013 BlairPhotoEVV
P1040802 au 3 © 2013 BlairPhotoEVV
P1040809 au 2© 2013 BlairPhotoEVV

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2 Responses to Fall X Four

  1. Eric says:

    How do u get that long leg, large posterior effect, like sitting on invisible seat.

    • John Blair says:

      I simply squatted down a bit and the really oolong shadow did the rest. I tried some other poses but they did not work the way this one did.

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