Dennis Gage questions legislature’s “war on Rooftop Solar”

May 16, 2015 – by Dennis Gage in the Fauxton Report

The forces of darkness (aka investor-owned Utilities) have been plotting a coordinated nation-wide assault on rooftop solar since 2012. Battles have already been waged in a number of state legislatures with the Utilities winning (and consumers losing!) all too many of them. Those wins were all secured with the help of special interest money.

One such battle took place in Indiana in 2015, with the first round being won by consumers due to strong grassroots opposition to a blatantly sweetheart deal for the Utilities. However, this “win” was by a decision, at best, and the Utilities ARE bound to come out swinging in the next round in 2016.

The mission of The Fauxton Report is to shed light on the Utilities’ war on rooftop solar and on the scourge of special interest money in our political system. Tune in to The Fauxton Report frequently for further episodes and updates.

Power to the People!

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