Henbit is a spring weed that colors our world

April 3, 2011-by John Blair, valleywatch.net editor.

Henbit makes entire fields purple in the Spring during its short life. It is really interesting up close like we do at valleywatch.net - ©2011 John Blair


It is called henbit and it is pervasive throughout the south and midwest. It6 appears in the spring and turns huge expanses of farmland to a brilliant purple when it flourishes in Spring.

It is considered a weed and most sites in my google search were dedicated to its eradication but Larry Caplan, Vanderburgh County Extension Agent says it will die off on the first really warm and sunny day so it makes little sense from a Valley Watch perspective to apply the numerous poisons those sites suggested.

So here is to spring and all that it brings forth and the new world of color that nature makes happen.

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