Indiana Comes in Last on ‘Green’ State Ranking

September 25, 2013 – in Environmental and Energy Management News

Indiana Flag screamWashington, Colorado, Massachusetts, New York, and California are the greenest states, according to a NMI survey of more than 3,000 U.S. consumers in the 25 largest states.

The least green states are Virginia, South Carolina, Ohio, Georgia, and Indiana. The survey is part of NMI’s U.S. LOHAS consumer report.

NMI says leading green states are known for pioneering new environmental policies, driving the marketing for green products and enjoying outdoor activities.

Study results can help marketers and product developers identify regions for test marketing, targeting and new product introductions, says NMI.  Marketersalso  may find that different states respond to different messaging and communication strategies. As an example, consumers in greener states are likely to respond to a global message on environmental responsibility and green living, while those in less green states will need more immediate and personal benefits, according to NMI.Something's Fishy lg

Here’s the ranking of the 25 largest states from the most to the least greenest. The analysis is based on seven criteria: the proportion of consumers in each state who have purchased carbon offsets, organic foods, renewable power, and hybrid vehicles and those who compost, reuse grocery bags, and donate money to environmental groups.




–New York



–New Jersey









–North Carolina






–South Carolina




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  1. Jenna says:

    This article was originally posted in 2010 on a different site. You didn’t give them credit, and the facts in the article could have altered by now. Way to go.

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